As the new essential UAS Event for Commercial Business Applications, ASCEND is committed to helping pilots, entrepreneurs, businesses, and manufacturers get past lift-off with:

“There has never been an event dedicated to unmanned vehicles quite like ASCEND.”

Sessions and Workshops at ASCEND Dive Deep into UAS

Specific, targeted conference tracks will focus on these areas:

Sessions will help attendees do one or more of the following:

“I’m looking forward to the caliber of practical knowledge to be shared at ASCEND. The UAV industry is at an interesting point where many people have gained expertise through trial-and-error and hard work, but vast numbers of participants are brand-new and eager for knowledge.”

ASCEND Conference & Expo is part of the Kalmbach Publishing Co. family of brands, and is the industry event affiliated with Drone360 website and magazine.

Drone360 is the complete resource for anyone interested in the ways unmanned aerial vehicles are shaping our world. Drone360 magazine, published six times a year, delivers spectacular photography, in-depth stories about industry and technology trends, insightful advice about operating unmanned vehicles, and more. The website, www.Drone360mag.com, offers daily news updates, videos, and additional resources.

Drone360 was originally launched as a special interest publication of Discover magazine, which specializes in connecting everyday people with great ideas and minds through compelling stories about science, medicine, technology, and the world around us.

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